September 20, 2016

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Engage in Google AdWords

By Alex Ghattas

Read Time: 6 minutes

You’ve created a great website, you develop amazing content, you have social media accounts, and you do your best at engaging your audience… but if you’re not utilizing Google AdWords your online presence SUCKS!  

Sure you get a few likes here and there on Facebook. Your tweets get a retweet now and then and your website has a few hundred visitors a month. But I can almost guarantee that all this is because you have a few loyal followers or have engaged in boosting a Facebook post now and again. So yes… your online presence could probably use some work.

If you aren’t engaging NEW customers then your businesses won’t last long.

But what if I told you that you’re missing a HUGE opportunity to engage people that haven’t even heard of you? What if I told you that there was a tool that could pinpoint potential customers with insane accuracy? What if I told you that there was a tool that would increase your call traffic, drive more sales and build your brand, you would jump at the chance to have it right?

That tool is Google AdWords, and we’re about to tell you 10 reasons why your business needs to start using it.

  1. Google AdWords Allows you to Reach your Customer When They Need You:

No matter how big your company is, it’s essential that you’re being found on the first page when searched for on Google. In today’s fast-paced, Ad intense, over hyped marketing environment you have to be number one or you will lose.

You have to be seen at the exact moment your customer is looking for your services, products, deals, information, or location. This is known as intent marketing (marketing done at the moment your customer is searching for your product or service. Here’s a great article by MDG that touches on the subject of intent marketing).

Intent marketing is not only smart, it’s obviously profitable. With Google AdWords small businesses can finally compete with the career SEO experts.

  1. Google AdWords is Easy to Measure:

The problem with most advertising is that it can’t be measured. Sure you can always ask how your customers found you, but that takes time. With Google AdWords every click, every impression, every visitor to your website can be tracked and used to enhance your online advertising.

Google AdWords is also great because it gives you customizable options to track and measure all of your campaigns in one dashboard. You can set and track goals for Return on Investment (ROI), Traffic to your website, Brand Awareness, Sales and Conversions.

You can see metrics like what keywords are performing the best, the times your ads are performing the best, what headlines get the best click-through rate, conversion rate and more. You can even connect your website Google Analytics to see what pages your ad traffic is visiting within your site. Google can teach you more here.

  1. You Only Pay for Results:

Google AdWords is probably the only advertising you will ever use where you get what you pay for. Because Google AdWords is pay-per-click, you don’t pay unless a potential customer clicks on your ad.

  1. No Minimum Spend Requirement:

Google AdWords doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars in order to reach your potential customers.  If you want to dip your toe in and test AdWords out you can spend as little as $1. This probably won’t get you anywhere but the point is clear, it’s your choice. At Aleric Marketing we have clients that are spending as little as $500 a month and clients that are spending well over $10,000 a month.  

  1. You can Get Local:

Adwords allows you to get local. Cutting through the noise to get to your prospective customers. With location targeting options your business, whether it’s local (such as a neighborhood restaurant, boutique or doctor’s office) or regional (such as a credit union or health center) can be seen by your customers.

AdWords allows you to target based on country, areas within a country, and even by radius to show your ads within a certain area of your business (perfect for doctor’s offices and other local businesses)

You can also target by demographic data such as income, age, and gender. So if you own a high-end women’s clothing store you can target the top 10% of earners who are women in your area. You can learn more about demographic targeting from Google.

  1. You can Show your Customers your Contact Info:

With Ad Extensions you can enhance your Google Adwords with phone numbers, addresses, app downloads, site links, reviews, and so much more. The best part, they don’t cost any more and just like the ads you’re only charged when someone clicks on them.

  1. You Can Get Specific:

AdWords is all about keywords. The more targeted your keywords (and keyword phrases) are the better Google will rank your ad.

This is when knowing your customer is SO important. Put yourself in their shoes. What are they searching when they are looking for your service or product?

Google’s Keyword Planner is a great tool for this as well. It can help you decide which keywords might be best and how they might perform.

  1. Reach your Mobile Customers:

Mobile is becoming the king when it comes to advertising. Mobile is now more popular when it comes to search than desktop, with a whopping 51% of all time spent on digital media coming from mobile devices. This is a statistic you ignore at your own peril.

Google AdWords gives you a ton of mobile optimization tools and allows you to target with both text and image ads.

For example: If you’re marketing for a local restaurant your customer might be walking through your neighborhood and looking up “best places to eat near me”. If you’ve optimized for mobile your ad is going to show up first and they just became a paying customer.

  1. Google AdWords Allows you to Run Multiple Campaigns:

One of the best parts of Google AdWords is that you can run multiple ad campaigns for each marketing objective you have.

Let’s say you own a women’s boutique you can run ads for:

  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • And dresses

You can set up three different campaigns – one for each of your targeted products. Then you can set up multiple ad groups within each campaign. So your ad groups would look like this:

  • Jackets – Jean jackets, winter jackets, rain jackets
  • Pants – yoga pants, jeans, trousers
  • Dresses – wedding, maxi, slip

Learn more about how ad groups work

  1. Google AdWords Allow you to Always Improve:

Google AdWords take time. Here at Aleric Marketing we tell our clients it takes at least 3 months to get the perfect ad. With AdWords it’s easy to monitor your ROI and tweak your copy to get the results you desire and improve your profits.
Google AdWords gives businesses insights, allows you to reach your ideal customer, drives traffic, and helps to grow your business utilizing the largest search engine in the world, Google. Are you ready to grow your business with AdWords?