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of global Internet users research products online.

(Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 2012)

Enhance your ROI and blow your customers minds by offering an unforgettable experience.

Our e-commerce projects are designed and developed to drive traffic, increase leads and convert browsers into buyers. We will work within your budget to design and implement an efficient e-commerce solution.

Answer this:

Are you marketing to the right people, at the right time, on the right device?

Answer this:

In today’s world, everyone can sell anything online. How do you compare to the competition in your market?


Suggested Pages

Does your site give users the flexibility to search for the products that they’re interested in? Does your search bar suggest results to help them find products they want and need? By having suggested pages it will help you sell more by sending potential buyers to the product(s) they want.

Related Products

Does your site show users related products that compliment or are similar to the product page they’re looking at? Have you ever noticed how powerful the amazon suggest tool is? You can do that too and see HUGE results for your bottom line. This type of feature can influence leads and buyers to spend more time and money on your website because you’re showing them products that are like the ones they are looking for already.

Social Media Share Features

Does your site give your customers the ability to show your products to friends, family and colleagues? Social selling is a massive driver of e-commerce success. Give your buyers the ability to share with their network your products in real time to spur others to action.

Product Filtering

Give your customers the power to filter their experience based on price, feature, popularity and more.

It is important to give your customers all the options necessary to find  what they want as quickly as possible.

Product Details

Empower your customers by giving them every piece of information about your products. The more detailed the product offering is the more likely the customer will feel comfortable making their purchase. Is your site giving your customers the power to decide the best product for them?

Compelling Shopping Cart

When users add to their shopping cart, is it displayed in an easy to find location on your site? Does it populate with the product(s) the customer is adding? When you create a compelling shopping cart you create a user friendly experience that is smooth and assures the customer that their products are being added for checkout.

Confirming Payment

When the customer has finally decided to check out and clicks the “submit payment” button it is a big step in the customer journey for both your business and the customer. Make sure that the customer is redirected to a confirmation page that confirms receipt of their payment. Additionally you should follow up with your customer with an email that includes a receipt, and tracking updates once their order has shipped. Going the extra mile to make sure your customer feels comfortable will pay huge dividends in the future.


Reason 1

Aleric Marketing designs and delivers e-commerce sites that meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. All of our sites are built to build brand awareness and loyalty, be user-friendly, and create compelling calls to action to turn your leads into sales to increase your ROI.

Reason 2

To build a successful e-commerce site your website should be easy to navigate and understand, list your contact information, build brand loyalty, have an easy checkout process, and be up every second of every day so you never miss the opportunity to make a sale. We can help you do all of this.


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